Chitty Chitty Dang Bang
The Jan and Jason Show Episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 2
Guest stars None
Production code S102
Original Airdate April 13, 1988
Episode chronology
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Pilot A Fire at Jan's House!
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Chitty Chitty Dang Bang is the second episode from the first season of The Jan and Jason Show. It was originally aired on April 13, 1988.

Episode SummaryEdit

It's Geo Guy's Birthday and Jan is looking a Special Guy for him. Little Guy is a orange man in the world. Jan gets him for Geo Guy's Birthday.


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Main article: Chitty Chitty Dang Bang/Transcript


  • The episode was originally planned as a season finale, but it failed.
  • First time the episode shows The Lorax. The second one was "Jan and Jason and the Lorax".
  • It was Little Guy's first appearance in this episode.
  • When Jan yelled "IT'S NOT YOU, GEO GUY!!!!!!!!!", his eyes are blue.

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