Geo Guy
Jan and Jason Character
Name George GoGo Conner
Gender Male
Age 13
Species Humanoid
Eye Color None
Voiced by Geo G., Satchi Matsumoto (Japanese)
First appearance Pilot
Last appearance Goodbye to Jan
Episode count All
Family Gum (pet)
Liz Conner (mother)
Tom Conner (father)
Geo Girl (sister)
Wally and Lumpy (brothers)

George "Geo Guy" GoGo Conner is a the main character in Geo's World. He is 13-years old. but he also appears in other TV shows like the Jan and Jason series, Greeny Phatom, Gree City, Geo TV, World of Jake, Lucas City, Finley's World and more. He is voiced by Geo G.

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